Don't want to wait for our demo tour to come to you?

Why not visit our headquarters in Santa Cruz California and demo any one of our current models right off the factory floor!

All you need to do is:

  • Make your reservation here
  • Bring your helmet, pedals and cycling shoes
  • Bring your credit card and ID (for damage/security deposit).

Strega XS
Strega S
Strega M
Hightower LT XXL
Hightower LT XL
Hightower LT Large
Hightower LT Medium
Hightower LT Small
Chameleon 29 Large
Chameleon 29 Medium
Hightower 27.5+ XXL
Hightower 29 XXL
Hightower 27.5+ Small
Hightower 29 Small
Joplin 29 Large
Joplin 29 Medium
Joplin 29 small
Tallboy 29 small
Tallboy 29 medium
Tallboy 29 large
Tallboy 29 XL
Tallboy 29 XXL
Hightower 27.5+ Medium
Hightower 29 Medium
Hightower 29 Large
Hightower 27.5+ Large
Hightower 29 XL
Hightower 27.5+ XL
Bronson Small
Bronson Medium
Bronson Large
Bronson XL
5010 Small
5010 Medium
5010 Large
5010 XL
Nomad Small
Nomad Medium
Nomad Large
Nomad XL
Tallboy 27.5+ small
Tallboy 27.5+ Medium
Tallboy 27.5+ Large
Tallboy 27.5+ XL
Tallboy 27.5+ XXL
Joplin 27.5+ Small
Joplin 27.5+ Medium
Joplin 27.5+ Large
Furtado XS
Furtado Small
Furtado Medium
Furtado Large
Roubion Small
Roubion Medium
Roubion Large


2841 Mission Street
Santa Cruz Bicycles
Santa Cruz

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Phone :

(831) 576-2848