Here in the Virgin Islands, we live in a tropical paradise that is just waiting for you to explore! Here at Sunny Liston Tours, we love nature and can't wait to show you the beautiful sites St. Thomas has to offer. Our energetic, music filled Tour will show you jeweled beaches, breath-taking lookout points where you will see all down island and we'll even take a pit-stop for our famous Banana Daiquiris to cool you off.

We promise an unforgettable vacation memory! Let's get started today!

Pkg 1:Shopping, Sightseeing and Beach
Package 2: Shopping and sightseeing
Package 3: Sightseeing Tour
Pkg 4: Sightseeing and Beach
Private Tour: 4 Hr (1-10 People)
Private Tour: 4 Hr (11 or more People)
Private Tour: 6 Hr (1-10 People)
Private Tour: 6 Hr (11 or more People)
Private Van Tour 3 HR (1-10 people)
Private Van Tour 3 Hr (11+ ppl)
Wedding Transportation
Airport Transfers (Within Charlotte Amal
Airport Transfers (Outside Charlotte Ama


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