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  • RT @DragonflyJonez: BOS fought all season to have this series open on their floor just for Bron to drop 38 and do this to their best player…
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  • Some people don't really believe in you.. They just stick around in case you make it
  • New Like: Sauce Walka - "We Did It" by @Sauce_Walka102 https://t.co/ZzGVZZ5dFc on #SoundCloud
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  • Y'all pulling up to the scene with a romper I mean romphim on?? I'll be damned https://t.co/GpaDSEwWEG
  • Ain't no damn way https://t.co/HETpdFtzDc
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  • Just because you approach someone doesn't make them approachable
  • I hate when struggle rappers catch a popping rapper out in public and start rapping on the spot
  • New Like: Meek Mill - Slay Ft. Asap Ferg by Super Slaps https://t.co/OrE5J0Ukas on #SoundCloud
  • Bruh this Meek x ASAP Ferg track 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Meek sound like he back